AI & Machine Learning


DART, the Dynamic Analysis and Replanning Tool, is a logistics expert system used by the US military and written in Common Lisp.

In four years, DART saved enough money in the Gulf War to pay for the previous 30 years of DARPA-funded AI research.


Grammarly is a grammar checking startup, but it’s far more than a simple spell checker. It’s grammar engine, written in Common Lisp, finds instances of incorrect tenses and suggests more precise synonyms for common words.

At Grammarly, the foundation of our business, our core grammar engine, is written in Common Lisp. It currently processes more than a thousand sentences per second, is horizontally scalable, and has reliably served in production for almost 3 years.


Routific is a route optimization and fleet management startup. Their routing engine, written in Common Lisp, plans optimal routes for delivery trucks, minimizing time and spent fuel.


The Cyc project aims to build a database of heuristics – everyday knowledge.

Boeing Simplified English Checker

The Boeing Simplified English Checker is an expert system to aid aerospace technical writers.

ASD Simplified Technical English (formerly AECMA Simplified English) is a writing standard for aerospace maintenance documentation. The standard is defined in Specification ASD-STE100. This type of writing standard is also known as a controlled language because it restricts grammar, style and vocabulary to a subset of the English language. -

The objective of Simplified Technical English is clear, unambiguous writing. Developed primarily for non-native English speakers, it is also known to improve the readability of maintenance text for native speakers. ASD Simplified Technical English does not attempt to define English grammar or prescribe correct English. It does attempt to limit the range of English, and many of its rules are recommendations found in technical writing textbooks.