Data Analysis


pgloader is a bulk importer for PostgreSQL. It can import data from MySQL, SQLite or dBase databases and CSV files, automatically identify schemas, and does everything asynchronously.

Migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL. In one command.
Given a MySQL connection string, pgloader query the catalogs to list your tables, constraints and indexes and know how to transform this schema into a PostgreSQL equivalent, applying advanced casting rules that you can edit in the command.
Load any CSV file. Real quick.
The current version of pgloader is up to ten times faster than the previous one. The new command syntax is really powerful, and as it’s different enough from the previous version, pgloader includes a command line switch to upgrade your setup for you.
Transform your data. While streaming.
pgloader includes reformating modules allowing you to reformat your data, such as transforming a couple of integer columns into a single ip address, or a couple of floats into a single point. Of course, you can add any transformation you like and easily get to use it with pgloader loading your code!


Somewrite is a Japanese owned media startup focusing on advertising delivery and ad recommendations. They use Common Lisp to power their ad delivery system.